How to Get That Beautiful Flawless Model Skin (without retouching!)

It doesn’t matter what age you are, having beautiful, healthy, nourished skin is coveted.

People pay scads to the cosmetics companies thinking an application to their skin is the solution when what really makes beautiful skin, is what’s happening on the inside.

Beautiful make-up application starts with beautiful skin, but beautiful skin starts with the right nutrition and proper hydration for your body.

Sorry but there is not a one size fits all with any diet plan or beauty regime.

There are fundamentals that will never change. Here are 5 you can start with:

SLEEP: Quality sleep is one of the big factors and models know this. Without good sleep your eyes will be puffy and

WATER: What happens when you dehydrate a grape? The tissue of the body is over 75% water, you don’t want to look like a raisin. Drink up!! Real water. Ditch all the fake waters out there – get spring or distilled in glass never plastic. Add a lemon on the weekends when you aren’t working – this will help with detoxing. Just don’t start a detox before a shoot, you need to give your body time to process and that might mean redness and acne until it’s eliminated from the body.

BREATHING:  Oxygen is key. So many people breathe shallowly and keep their systems in a fight or flight state. This way of breathing never allows your body to come back to balance. When you breathe you are more connected to your spirit – and it’s the light behind your eyes that differentiates your pretty face from all the other pretty faces. It’s your elan vital – that starts with your connection to your breath.

THE RIGHT FOODS: If you have an allergy what does your skin do? It reacts right? Many people are eating foods they have an allergy or sensitivity to. You can try to hide this with make-up but the make-up artist has to work that much harder. You also won’t feel as vibrant as you should and it’s harder to pretend in front of the camera. Although many do – but a pro can see the difference no matter how much retouching has been done. And those in the business will likely not hire a model who is constantly showing up with acne, puffiness and a bad attitude.

A POSITIVE ATTITUDE: There is nothing worse than a bitchy chick on the set. It makes everyone itchy. So be nice. Smile. Relax. Do some yoga or better yet Yogilachi, and meditate. Create a gratitude book and write in it daily. Appreciate the little things.

These make a solid difference in your beauty and fast!