Fabulous Day on Set!

cfcommercialNow today was the way to wrap the year! Working with great talent – amazing crew – a great company!

We were well cared for and enjoyed the adventure. It’s jobs like these that give this biz it’s great reputation. Thank you SAG for making sure we are well cared for. All professional actors should know why it’s important to support the union. Be a steadfast union member and support professional actors – encourage agents and producers to go union!

“I love my job as a professional SAG actress. My union allows me to make a real living – living truthfully in imaginary circumstances!”

Does Your Hair Brand You?

I like to change my hair. A lot!

On this occasion, an edgy, hot, mom type was needed.
Here’s what I came up with.
stephana's edgy new look

I discovered long ago that a wig is my friend. But I’ve also been told it doesn’t fit my brand. What?

My brand is not so much my hair at this stage, it’s more about my essence. Any director or producer knows when they hire me they are getting an authentic voice, “a pure heart” and a professional. I’ve been hired because of my height and size before and then requested that my hair actually be shaved. So hair – for me at least, doesn’t brand you.

Sometimes It Takes An Outside Pair of Eyes and A Friendly Perspective

augustfrontpageI’ve been working with a coach and working closely with my dear friend to structure my business so I could best share my gifts.

One of the key areas I was not integrating was my passion, talents and gifts in modeling and acting.

Sometimes it takes an outside pair of eyes and a friend who sees you clearly from a place of Grace and generosity.

My new business site finally says what I feel.

“Lily on Saturday” 13th Shooting Day


Here are some more photos from the shoot posted by the director and editor on respective sites.

“Peace Doesn’t Come From Pills will be it’s own book!!

After working with an editor on my book Finding Joy Beyond Trauma, one of the key sections in the book is “Peace Doesn’t Come From Pills” and it’s 5 chapters.

She suggested I make that into a book on it’s own. It addresses holistic approach to depression, stress, health and self care and why we don’t heal from trauma unless we address this area as well.

Brilliant. I will condense that part in Finding Joy and just expand the Peace Doesn’t Come From Pills book!

So excited! Feels just right!!

We should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy, even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry. E.B. White

There are 5 areas that bring me the greatest joy.

For much of my life I thought that suffering was just part of life. That you just had to do things you didn’t want to do, you didn’t like to do and the best thing was to just push through it.

I don’t believe that anymore. Sometimes the residual “habit” creeps in but when I come back to that place of awareness, that place some call “centering”, I can easily know my joy.

I am working on the most competent, wonderful set led by one of the sanest, kindest, most well rounded and balanced women and human being I have ever met. She spearheads a journey with a gentle, competent hand. She leaves out all the extra emotion and reaction that taints relationships. She doesn’t have to use force because her talent, her grounded heart, her stable and sane essence is her power. She exudes this and as a result every member of the crew and cast are cocooned in this sanity.

It rekindles my joy, my love of acting. To be on her set. To create and live in the beautiful character she created. In this moment there is complete fulfillment professionally.

I left my two beautiful boys with my mom and I know they are in good hands. I wrap them in my mother grace and send them the love from this place of wholeness. To share this with them, and to know some day they will have their joys.

Live is good.


“First Shot IN!” Directory of Photography Bradley Sellers Sweet Words!

DSC_0842Launch day live. Want to know how to make 5 hours go by in a blink – do something you love with people you enjoy being with!

Ian is our awesome sound guy!

To find yourself, you first have to admit you’re lost…


Is it that I’m so much like Lily or that she is so much like me?

Lily on Saturday

Lily today, Lily tomorrow! I am beyond excited about the film I’m starring in!

I love this every thing about Lily on Saturday! I know I must have done something very right and very good in my other lives to be starring as Lily, with an amazing director and writer! Fabulous crew and cast! And the support of my family so I can work movie schedule hours! I CAN’T WAIT!!